When are Internships Usually Posted


Quick question.

Does anyone know when Industrial Design internships are usually posted. Would it usually be around Nov. or Dec? Would it make sense to start looking now for interships for next summer?

Thanks in Advance.


THis might not directly answers your questions, but beside searching through job posting,There are a few different ways to look for internship:

1: Wait for school end of the year show. This is depending on the school. Usually companies who come to school are planning on giving internships to students. (That’s how my classmate and I got internships. Note that if your skill is bad, chance for the job is slim.)

2: Sending your resume (teasers) to companies through mail or E-mail approximately 2-3 months before summer start. (This is how I got two of my internships. Note that oversea internship or big companies will take longer)

3: This is what some of the guys in the company did. Their mom or Aunt works there, so they intern there for summer. Do you have those connections?

My suggestion is never accept internship that does not pay. Because if a small appreciation salary for interns mean so much to them, they probably do not care.
However if you are applying for oversea companies, I found that European companies pays less and Asian (except Japanese) pays nearly nothing.

Good luck!

(Feel free to add other suggestions if you can think of more ways to get internships)

I obtained my internship through the school’s job placement department. I would go ask them if they know of any companies they have worked with in the past, if you haven’t already and depending on what type of internship you would like to pursue.