When a potential Employer asks...

…for your Salary History…where do you include it? On the Cover Letter, Resume, or separate?

…any ideas, suggestions, etc.?

Usually it should be enough to include your history in an email, or attached word doc or supporting file. Its not normally part of your CV package, so I wouldnt include it on the CV or cover letter.


Thanks R! What would an example of one look like? (an email with salary history)

nothing special. i’d say something like-

"As requested, please find below my salary history:

Position #1
Additional bonuses, benefits.

Position #2
Additional bonuses, benefits.

etc., etc."


Awesome Thanks this helps a lot…!

Can someone tell why you should have to tell a potential employer what your past/current salary is anyway?

If you’re making better than average salary then I see know harm, because that employer will know they have to match or beat it to get you, but if you have a job and you KNOW you’re getting less than average or what you think you should be getting (cause sometimes you just need to pay the bills) why would you want to give that information to a new employer to base your new salary on?

this has come up a few times before.

here’s my previous reply-

giving your salary history is in your own best interest i think.

consider it this way- you wouldnt like to go out for a job and go through the process of interviews, getting excited, etc. then find out the position didnt offer what you expected.

in general I believe that if you give your history and an “expected” salary range within reason, it will help you get a good job with a good fit.

Most employers only really use a past salary range to screen out candidates that would be way too high outta range, and dont really use it to low-ball a salary based on your past jobs.

A good employer will pay a fair salary for the job. Maybe your past jobs might be lower, but it might have been a reason you left, so no sense in making a direct comparison.

Just my $0.01 - 0.03 worth

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