When a decent product goes bad!

I purchased a digital camera while in college to document all my work as I was instructed my by my professors. The camera made it through school and on to my career, where I used to shoot projects that required comments for the manufacturer.

Last summer it went bad, the plastic started to separate and deform and It was getting increasingly harder and harder to use. The batteries no longer made contact with the battery door so it would turn off unexpectedly. The outer casing plastic came apart so the picture would blur when there was not pressure on it.

Until I came up with this, now I can use my camera as if it was brand new!

yikes! black friday would have been a great day to replace it

This has become solely my work camera, sits in my desk and waits to be clamped!

I bet you wished you got an ixus instead.

So, mmmmm… . . how’d you take this photo? :wink:

I know how it is if you find something you love you wanna hold on to it :slight_smile:

However isnt it hard to work when 1/4th of the viewfinder window is covered by your plastic grip? :wink: