Wheel design classics


Stumbled on these and really appreciated the balance found between the element and the pattern, and the negative/positive shapes. It was done by Spalding, the ball maker, their interlocking pattern skills translated well! As an aside here is the ad that sparked my search:

There’s a wheel thread here with some classics but any new (old) wheel design favorites?

OOH fun topic. Not my area of specialty so I’m psyched to see what others chime in with.
Always thought these were audacious and bad-ass. AMG E55 ‘Monoblock’. (probably getting that wrong, sorry M-B aficionados…)


I was just thinking of this while in traffic this weekend. Saw this Volvo XC40 wheel. I like how much black they used. It sets off the metal finish.

While looking for that, I ran across this one. Haven’t seen it in the wild, but love that they make a none round cut out for the lugs. I don’t think I’ve seen that before.


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I’ve always loved the original MK1 ford Ka wheels

I like this as a classic clean 5-spoke on the Volvo R. The 90’s 850 turbo had a fun pinwheel version that isn’t cool but at least memorable.

Also a big fan of 2000s bimmer wheels

The depth is just cool for me

Or the Z8 Alpina…

This is a good thread. Lots of good stuff in the original old wheel thread mention up top. Might see if I can combine.

I got lots to add but will start with these. Just found a few leftover from my first old Mercedes (pics below) and sold them at a garage sale a few weeks ago.

The original paint to match ones were a bit worn so I replaced with unpainted vintage ones.

It’s a steel wheel cover that was used on Mercedes from at least the 60s to the 80s. Maybe earlier. Center can be color matched to the car and there’s a special masking tool I’ve seen that masks the star for painting.

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Painting tool.


I’m not even sure I think this wheel looks very good, but any time I sketch a car l block in a wheel with 5 circular cutouts. Iconic. The epitome of “as simple as possible but not simpler” (ironic it would come from Lambo).