what's your vision on design?

I am very interested in your answers, so feel free to express yourself

create badass products

Create Kickass products. HAHAHAHA

Design gifts and not burdens.

Well said. Hard to top that.

Design must seduce!

Design to fill a need and not a hole.

Identify, simplify, amplify, gratify…or just get really high. :sunglasses:


Art should make you think,
design should reduce the need to think.

Good design is subtle, you dont know its working when you are operating it.
good design requires no previous user experience with the same type of object

Bad design lets you know its working
Bad design is when you cannot operate it correctly
Bad design doesn’t error prevent
Bad design requires replacement after the warranty runs out
Bad design is pretentious
Bad design prices itself expensively as a barrier, appealing to greedy bankers who sully design with their interpretation.
Bad design relies on salesmen to sell the product. The product should sell itself with a little provocation.

I feel designers should stand up more when their brief conflicts with our ideals of “DO NO EVIL”. it should be tattooed on 1st year design students faces till they get the point.

High only works in the concept phase, in the detail and development it just makes you digress and procrastinate. like now for instance :smiling_imp:

True that. :slight_smile:

I was kind of kidding before about doing bad-ass products, but my vision on design for myself is to work on projects that I am interested in personally and that the end goal being to bring something new and beneficial to the world… whether it’s in aesthetics, functionality, usability, or inspirational ways

I literally see design as just a process of creating and extracting thoughts, everything else just adds limitations and the idea of industrial design already adds enough of them.

Talking of “do no evil”, whilst at uni i got told that you shouldn’t get involved with designing things like landmines etc and uptaking some sort of moral obligation akin to what doctors do. Well the way i see it, if decent designers with vision had got involved with mines maybe some post-war considerations could have been taken. ie expiry dates, say after the mine is laid it becomes independently inactive after 3/4 years. Whilst i personally find the idea of landmines rather horrendous in themselves, if a decent designer at the time had realised that they were going to get made anyway we might not be the position we are now. Britain still hasn’t got round to clearing the mines laid during the Falklands war in 1982! I know the idea of getting a decent designer in the position above sounds a lot easier than it would be, especially in the mists of war, but if someone had pointed out the financial benefits of a self deactivating mine, ie cheaper, easier clearing to make the land usable after a win, someone would have listened. Naturally that doesn’t account for evil people leaving mines in spite after a military loss. Im not defending landmines in anyway but “don’t get involved with designing things like landmines” is a limitation that limited the above. Just a thought/opinion.

Im off to draw, adios