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What’s your opinion on collaboration or setting up a design firm in China?
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I am running a design firm. I want to find partner in USA. Can anybody give me some advice?


could you please answer some questions:

1-what is your area of expertise and concentration?
2-how many designers do work for you who are advanced in design process and cad?
3- how long has your firm been established?
4- which chinese companies you work with or are comfortable to work with?
5- what softwares do you use?


[quote=“ufo”]could you please answer some questions:

Thanks for your response

  1. consumer electronics, communication device, computer peripherals and components.
    2.12 persons in our firm, two professors and 13 master and doctors work with us. most of the 12 persons have experience work in distinguished international company, such as HP, Philips, Foxconn.
  2. We have established for 21 months.
  3. Chinese clients include APEX, TTE, Panda, CECT. We have established some relationship with USA design firms.
  4. Software: Pro-E, UG, AutoCAD, Rhino, C4D, Moldflow, MSC.

MSN: ROBAN_Lesun@hotmail.com
Google talk: lesunhou@gmail.com

thanks. i’ll send you an email for business contact info and address.

I think that the key question is what are you looking to gain from a partnership? We have been working on putting together an office in the Shanghai area for about a year. Our progress has been slowed by lack of general alignment.

Aaron, Thanks for your response.
To your question, gain from a partnership:

  1. As a designer, our faith is to make life easy and happy. So we need to integrate our preponderant resource, including culture, knowledge, chain, manufacture skill…so as to give better service.
  2. As a businessman, we want to make money. Both of us can make margin from the partnership. Gain win-win result.

About slowed partnership, I consider

  1. position should be considered at first. We cancelled our website. and we only service for design firm silently
  2. Product position, we should make the product orientation clearly firstly when we start a project.
    Sorry for my poor English, I just mean balance, compatiblity and details.
    I hope you can understand.