What's your (masters) experience at Design Academy Eindhoven


I’m thinking of applying for the masters course ‘Information design’ at the DAE.
If you have attended this course (or an other masters course they offer) what has been your experience?

For example, how many classes are there offered per week, what is the work load, quality of the teachers/classes, type of classes/projects.

Thanks in advance!

I have heard it’s a bit of a mess since Lidewij Edelkoort left as a head. Different people battling in order to try to pull the program in their direction…the usual I guess. I also have heard some complaints about the master’s program, but I don’t know much, it’s only rumours. Besides that, I do think you will have plenty of freedom to develop yourself, and I do hold the program in high regards. I would maybe take a shot at e-mailing a few graduates from the program for their opinion.