what's your feeling when you see your designs into the marke

how do you feel when you see your designs executed and people use it??

It’s a pretty cool feeling.

A few run ins I’ve had:

I brought my car in for service a couple of year ago, and my mechanic was wearing a watch I had designed, just a few months ago I was selected for the additional slam down airport security screening, and the TSA screener was wearing another watch I had designed. It was cool that these two people made a concious decision to buy some cool design, to make a little statement with this thing, this object, that they might be wearing for years. It could be the first thing they see when they wake up, taking it off might be the last thing they do before they go to sleep. Pretty cool. I never said anything to them, just seeing them in action gave me a huge sense of satisfaction. A few watches I had done where sold in Target for awhile, I used to like to go visit the kids, see how they where selling.

A few weeks ago I walked into an overpriced kitchen store and two kettles I worked on where there. totaly unexpected and an awesome feeling.

I think the best one was a few years back, I was at the toystore, shoping for a friend’s son, when I saw a couple debating in one of the aisles. The where wondering about a high priced city play set. The father thought for sure it couldn’t come with all of the cars pictured on the box. I walked up and reassured him it came wirth everything pictured. He gave me a look and asked how the heck I would know. I said “I designed that set”.

Yo, Same here, very cool feeling. At first I didn’t until I started flying more (my first time was 4 yrs ago, and only 4-5 times since). It’s a cool feeling when you see stuff you’ve done all over the airports. I went to a client meeting once and the interviewer saw some a page in my portfolio and she told me that her boss had some of those. That was nice, didn’t get the acct though :frowning: .
I dont’ bother telling anyone anymore unless I hear them commenting on the design. I was out window shopping and went into this upscale store that carried some of the higher end line stuff that I helped with. The old lady asked if I needed any help and I told her that I was just checking out the quality of the product, to see if they were done correctly. I said I was one of the designers and she looked at me like I was crazy. But then again,I was in my regular street clothes, I wasn’t wearing my black turtleneck designer uniform, lol!
I love getting products that friends of mine have designed. I have this cool clip watch (wink) from one of my old schoolmates firm that I keep on my bags. I know a couple of people that work for different shoe companies so I try to wear some of their designs (wink wink…Yo, don’t I know you!) Ride for a date in a car designed by another good friend, she’s wearing a dress my old college girlfriend designed. I love being able to put a face to the products. And I appreciate owning something knowing that me or one of my fellow designer buddies made it, adds a little more personal value to it.

It’s a great feeling to see the products I designed at retail envrironment, but it is very unfortunate when I can’t afforrd them.