What's your favorite Red Color?

Looking to do a red logo.
Anyone want to tell me their favorite shade of red?

Which Pantone Number Red do you like?

PMS 486 or 186? Ginger or MarryAnne?


19-2118 TPX ( wine tasting )

I’ll have to check tonite which pantone I used, but I used a real nice burgundy on a pair of skates once.

It might help to know what the logo is for. If it is something sports related, I imagine either blood red or more orangy-red. If it is luxurious, something towards burgundy might be more appropriate.

My favorite red, is infrared.

“I like hot reds cause they’re sooo hot.”

I used to have a marker but someone snagged it.

The photoshop number is EC183F

I concur with 185.

It’s also our corporate color for Cardinal Health. If you’re gunna go red, go red.