what's your favorite object you own (for it's design)?

Just a curious question that came from a discussion with fellow design peers…

"what’s your favorite object you own (for it’s design)? (and why?).

It could be anything from a bic pen, to an eames lounge, a car, or a vintage fan…

I think every designer must have at least one to add to the list-

Is it something you use everyday and just love the balance in function and form?

Is it a collectible that you are inspired by?

Is it a regular object you are just in awe of it’s timelessness?

I’d have a few I could add, but my top has to be my bike. A Biomega MN02 (Marc Newson Design) I picked up while living in Denmark). I don’t use it daily or all that often, but it is my regular use bike. Even just leaning against the wall in my loft I get enjoyment from it even in the off season periods of Canadian weather… I always joke, it’s not an expensive bike, but an expensive lamp as it glows in the the dark… :slight_smile:

plus the comments I get riding it alone are almost worth it!

What’s your fave object you own (for it’s design)?


PS. for a second place finish, I’d have to add my 50’s vintage Osterizer blender. Use it almost daily and the simplicity of the design (toggle switch only on/off) and build quality (60+ years going and still going strong) has me at hello every day…

(center of pic)

I’d have to go with my technics and crkt kiss knife, both just very well made, durable products. I think the kiss knife is one of the rare modern products that will be a classic years from now.

Mine has to be my set of Henkel Twin 4 star knives. They are well balanced hold a great edge and also very durable. I also love the cutting board that they are setting on. I got that about 3 years ago and it is still going strong. I do not know what kind of wood it is, but it is put together in an end grain pattern which keeps it from splitting. This is my first wooden cutting board that has lasted that long.

my favorite one of all time a cd player from Muji by Naoto Fukasawa
just a cd player nothing more nothing less.
it keeps remind me not to put a BS factor on my design

for the classic one i’ll go with any objects from Mr. Dieter Rams

classy :smiley:

I was delighted at the advent of optical mouse technology as I was driven halfway to insanity by having to constantly clean the tracker ball and runners on the 1st generation mouse . (largely because my work desk often resembles a giant ashtray!)

This isnt really a specific design classic I know, but it was a movement that certainly made my daily working life flow much better…So a big thank you , whoever you are!

My favorite are my Oakley Frogskins. Smoked frames with the Positive Red Iridium Lenses. I just feel very early '90’s cool when I wear them out.

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Picture 2.png

1974 BMW R90S 1973-1976

Arguably the first* “Super Bike”, and unarguably the last “simple” motorcycle.

900cc displacement
2 cylinder; air-cooled heads
2 overhead valves per cylinder (ease of maintenance on the road)
38mm DellOrto ‘pumper’ carburetors (in place of CV (constant velocity))
Points and condenser ignition (ease of maintenance on the road)
Single plate, dry clutch
Shaft drive (no chain to tension and lube)
7" diameter H-4 halogen headlamp (only manufacturer to offer in 1974)
Integrated appearance; hand painted, minimal use of chrome
Excellent "Cockpit"® instrumentation and control layout
Extreme reliability

  • Although Japanese and other European machines such as the Honda CB750, Kawasaki ZI900, and the Ducati SS 750 exceeded the performance of the R90S, I do not believe that these bikes compete with the overall package of performance, reliability, longevity, and sustainability of the R90s.

I kick myself every morning for having sold it… . .

My appreciation for my alarm clock continually grows. I like it’s size and stance, and how easy it is to use. Some of the details are cheap, but I wouldn’t trade it.

Combo shot of the Eames lounge and Clean looking BOSE 301s. I think they look nice together. I didn’t like the “design” of the 301s at first (they fit my needs and were a good value), but they have grown on me, Now I REALLY dig them.

Still my favorite, It’s so damn cool!

hmmm, that is a tough one. Reviewing my stuff, I think I have a lot I really like, but only a few things I love.

I really love most of the stuff I carry around: Audi key, J Fold Wallet,iPhone, Paris Red sunglasses.

I also love my Dualit, Waterfall blender, and tea kettle…

Eames chairs of course…

and Donut phone.

I also really really like my Bose iPod speakers… bordering on love.

and this Alessi fruit bowl

And of course the TT.

But I think my favorite things we have are our art. We have a piece by Joseph Albers that I love, but I think my favorite one is the below piece by Meredith Dittmar. We have 5 or 6 of her pieces, but this is my favorite.

Life is too short to hang onto stuff you don’t even like! And the planet is too small to buy crap, and throw it away to buy more crap…

Good call on the Audi Key Yo! It will be hard to stray from the VW/Audi family even if only for their key!

coolest shifter ever

the campana alessi “bowl” is a good one…
it inspired me to design a pencil holder.

I do love my ultra thin iittala glass ware. Everything seems to taste and look better in those…

Kaj Franck was genius…

Shun Japanese steel kitchen knives (8" chef pictured)

Tivoli Model 2 Radio

2002 Volvo V70 wagon (and the THULE roof rack too)

RayBay Wayfarers in crystal/black

Thiers-Issard Straight Razor

Bodum Chambord French press

Wacom Intuos3

Wow… talk about “lifestyle” products, just realized after I made this list.

I forgot, I got one of these Phillips Norelco Architec 1090s a couple of months ago. The thing is pretty amazing. Stainless steel on the base. Carbon fiber inserts (on this model)… plus the travel case looks like the space torpedo they put Spock in when he died in Wrath of Kahn.

My favourite object has to be my trangia 27 cooking stove, might not be as flashy as a modern gas stove when out on the hill but ive found it far more reliable and its worked in conditions my mate’s gas stoves haven’t. I think they look really good and frankly they just work.

good thread btw, some really interesting stuff posted above.

I’ve been diggin’ my new racquet lately. Especially the color scheme.

my unibody macbook. Really dig it.

I forgot to mention this table lamp. I love the simplicity of it.