What's wrong with Jeep?

I saw the fugliest thing ever driving home on I5 the other day…
It said “Jeep” but looked like a Dodge Caliber. It was painted Army green. My only guess is the Varsity concept…

Jeep Varsity concept:

Dodge Caliber:

Really, Jeep?

yikes… those wheel wells jump out as clunky compared to the rest of it.

When I saw the Varsity, I smiled. It reminded me of the ridiculous proportions of more creative hot rods.

Having said that, it probably wouldn’t sell.

The Compass is based on the Caliber. I think it’s ugly. The problem with Jeep right now, is they were trying to expand out of their serious off-road niche. I think they will pay the price.

The odd and brand inappropriate Varsity concept car would have been welcome in comparison to the open wound that is the production Compass. CG, you saw a Compass… luckily you still have your sight.

Maybe they were just trying to make the Jeep Patriot look good:

I have to say, I like the new Liberty a lot. Very nice detailing on the front end. The faceting of the front end, the way the hood panel line transitions up the a-pillar and becomes the door panel, the canvas roof, the chamfered lower grill set back from the bumper like old Jeeps… It went from cutesy to serious in the last revamp. I hear it was a Dan (Zim) Zimerman design. He was one of my teachers when I did an exchange program at CIA and a very talented designer. I still have some sketches he did for me as demos. Dan is the man. A lot of restraint in the body side along with great proportions!

That and the Wrangler 4 door hard top and Grand Cherokee are the winers in the line up.

lets not talk about the Commander: It’s friggin huge. Though it does look tough and deceptively small with these huge upgrade rims on it.

I think they were going for the AMC Eagle:

I say kill the Compass, Liberty, Commander, Patriot and give us back the 4.0L Cherokee.

Then give us a Grand Cherokee with the high-touch of a Range-Rover and a new “safari” model akin to the Toyota FJ.

Make us believe again!!

i had the misfortune of renting a liberty on a business trip last fall.

complete garbage.

footwell ergonomics were uncomfortable, the interior panels had sharp edges on it from the flashing at the part lines which happen to be where your body would touch.

the engine was loud and thrashy, handling was vague.

i was glad the company ponied the extra dough for the upgrade to that vehicle. :unamused: