What's up with Wacom INKLING ?

Buzz started for this product at end of August, and ETA has been pushed back multiple times. Wacom now has “mid November” (its now December) as their release date on their website and refers buyers to Amazon. Amazon has taken the product off their site…and for questions on availability – Amazon refers buyers back to Wacom. Spoke to Wacom customer service today and the rep said…no idea as to delivery. Whats up ? Has anyone out there actually used an INKLING to let me/other know if this is even worth the wait ?

The people who pre-ordered it back in September are getting them now, I got mine earlier this week. It seems cool, I like it alright so far, except the system requirements on Amazon (and on the package itself) are wrong. It is advertised as working in OSX 10.4 and higher on Macs, but it actually requires an Intel machine. I have OS 10.5.8 so according to their advertised specs I should be able to use it, but I have a PowerPC Mac G5, so I cannot use it on my home machine. The ‘Sketch Manager’ software that is required to translate the saved drawing data into vectors will ONLY run on Intel Macs. Because of this, I’ve only been able to try it out very minimally… I contacted Wacom about this flaw in their marketing of the Inkling on Monday the 28th, I haven’t heard anything back from them yet…

Wow that’s a bummer…you should ask for a refund…but first let me try it :wink:

I’m not sure if the inkling is for me but I’ll definitly try one whenever I can get my hands on one.
Tried to order one today to…but alas nothing in stock.

Thanks to those who responded. It’s good to see that Amazon/Wacom has started shipping. I hope to see mine soon. Also the VERGE review , and it’s associated comments, were great - confirming as expected…the INKLING fills a niche. Not a substitute, but a compliment to traditional pencil/paper for those who are digitally inclined. I’m sure we will see more reviews by graphic/interior/industrial/fashion designers as the product gets out there.

If you were lucky enough to get an early unit - please post your reviews and preferences here or on another one of the CORE77 boards so others can decide to wait out the inventory issue, or re-invest their $200.

I used it at IDSA Nationals back in September.

Its worth (in my opinion) every bit of $200. Sure you cant use your own pen (for obvious reasons) but its a pretty damn neat tool.

The fact that it converts all your lines to editable splines in AI is awesome and it also creates a time lapse of your sketch allowing you to pause and save sections of a sketch.

If I didnt have a cintiq Id be all over it like white on rice.

FYI, back in stock at Amazon. ( and ordered)