What's the word on ArizonaSU?

Has anyone gone there for the ID program? Would anyone recommend? The tuition is hard to beat, even for a nonresident. Any thoughts are welcome and appreciated!

I’ve seen some good folios from there. It seems that they are consistently solid, I wouldn’t say stellar though.

Thanks much, yo! I’m caught up in the ol’ state university vs. private art school conundrum… I’ve only applied to CCS and UC so far. These discussion forums are extremely helpful, but I learn so much it makes deciding where to go even harder!

That’s the thing, sometimes more information just makes the choice harder!

I’d highly recommend school visits. You would be surprised how helpful being there is. It will give you a good intuitive feel for what is right for you. I also recommend checking out The Cleveland Institute of Art.

Im a Sophomore at UC and its been great so far. Like you I also applied to CCS and UC but I went to UC because they have a really good Co-op program, and i think the professional experience would help me a lot.

I think that now might not be the best time to get into the ID program at ASU. I hear that it got rolled into the school of fine arts. It used to be independent (college of design), but know I think it is not. One thing I think is important to keep in mind is what the job market looks like in the area. Phoenix is pretty short on job opportunities for ID people, so it may be difficult to meet professional designers or make corporate contacts while you are in school. The program itself is pretty decent I think; really it is what you make of it. If you are willing to spend some of your own time filling in the gaps on things like professional practice, materials, and manufacturing technology, you can come out of there with a pretty good education. Just my opinion though.

Officially we were merged with the art school, but I haven’t noticed any difference in the way things work on campus. I think it’s mostly to cut back on upper level administrative costs. I’m half way through my sophomore year at ASU and I’m really enjoying the program so far. I haven’t done too many comparisons to other schools, but I feel like I’m getting a pretty rounded education so far. I just finished taking a materials and processes class, and our studio class had a sponsored design contest with cash prizes and internships up for grabs. I do agree that the ID related job market in the surrounding area is less than ideal though.

Don’t know much about the school, other than the Director, Jacques Giard used to be the Director for my school, Carleton University, School of Industrial Design, in Ottawa, Canada, and he was great. He was in fact the reason I went into ID (met him on a March break tour and convinced me to go for ID vs. Arch). Also had him for first year and was a great mentor.