have any of you fools ever been to san francisco, or even to california?

this thread is rediculous.

Hey, George, while you were galavanting around trying make your dumb star wars stories air tight, I signed a deal with the makers of Battle Star Galactica. I’m coming out with Starbuck and we are gonna KICK luke’s Ass!


Industrial Designer I
Boston, MA
25th Percentile: $43,961 Median: $48,507 75th Percentile: $53,733

Source: http://tinyurl.com/7eex9[/url]

Han, You’re out of the script, I’m replacing you with a younger pirate character, those are so hot right now. Too bad we had to part on this obscure website, but it’s finished - you’re dead to me!


You clowns manage to take a reasonably good thread and ruin it!

Bear Cat, I’m sorry to interrupt, this thread will now return to serious and bitchy moanings of people whining about jobs and how expensive California is to visit. Please forgive George and Han for any attempts at humor or interesting script ideas.

“attempts at humor” … attempt being the operative word.

Thank god, 'cause my sides were hurting from the hysterical laughter :unamused:

On a related issue>

Are there lots of opportunities in the boston area (as compared to other areas like Detroit, San Fran, etc…)?

you can’t do that to me George, remember who made you.

If it weren’t for me and mark, and i’ll even throw carrie in there, although for you she was all about the t&a factor. (which by the way, could have been exploited better in WarsI)…as i was saying. My good looks is what got you half thoses ticket sales. and my career was doing fine with out you thank you very much.

Oh, I had a bad feeling about you Geroge, and I was right. That’s it, I’m bringing all my guns out now…

Tommy, there you go again, why don’t you leave these nice designer types alone, can’t you see they are DYING for money?

ewe. I don’t even wantot think about when i would have died for money, or done other things for that matter,


And your point is? :confused:

The original poster was talking about Boston, MA; not Taiwan.

What is the point in comparing salaries in different countries?

sorry misunderstanding : P