What is the pay range for a jr designer moving to staff designer in a corporation, in Boston, MA? I have about 2.5 years of experience. I had a great review, will be taking on more responsabilities and don’t want to get less then I’m worth. Can someone tell me what range I should be expecting?
Somehow I was told that SALARY.COM was not reliable.
Thank you

Are we supposed to guess how many years of work experience you have after college?

0-2 yrs experience $29,000
3-5 yrs experience $39,000
5-7 yrs experience $45,000
7-12 yrs experience $63,000

yea 10 years ago

Thats way off on the low side.

0-2 yrs experience $29,000
3-5 yrs experience $39,000
5-7 yrs experience $45,000
7-12 yrs experience $63,000

My Guess.

Midwest Guess

0-2 yrs experience $29,000 + 4
3-5 yrs experience $39,000 + 7
5-7 yrs experience $45,000 + 10 to 12
7-12 yrs experience $63,000 + 12 for 7 years + 1 for each year thereafter

Boston Guess:

0-2 yrs experience $34 to 48
3-5 yrs experience $45 to 62
5-7 yrs experience $55 to 68
7-12 yrs experience $60 to 85
12-20 years corporate 75-105 unless you become VP or a partner in a consultancy.

I don’t believe most consultancies can pay much more than 80-90K as at 90K they have to bill you out at $240-275/hr. Not many consultants bill at that rate.

lower increases in early and later years-------------greatest increases in 3-8 years experience. I’d say most people know pretty well what they will know in 6-8 years EXCEPT for sales and marketing aspects.

A better guide would be.

  1. What space is your company. Consumer, medical, toys, sports or scientific
  2. Salary history at company. Example: I started at 32K and after one year went to 34K and this is my second salary increase to negotiate.—You don’t state if it’s your second or third salary increase.
  3. Size of company. Example: 4 designers + 1 design manager in a consumers good company with 300-400 million in sales. We do 80% of the design and contract out 20% of design to outside companies. We hand off alias geometry but are not expected to hand off pro/ENGINEER Wildfire geometry although I have basic pro/Engineer skills.

Well at the auto companies the new kids start off at 55K a year in Detroit area. However, no benefits, usually contract from start of employment to whenever, and no retirement for those hired after 1992. So what are the alternatives. Who knows?

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I started off @ $32k/year in Western NY 5 years ago. Friends I graduated with got jobs at NB out of college @ $39k/year in Boston

Not sure where you’re gettin’ your figures??? :unamused:

Based on my own exp., coming out of school, I had offers at the jr. level from $34K-$37K on both coasts. Now, with 7 yrs., I’ve exceeded $63K…

If you are IDSA you can buy the pay survey, it breaks it down a bunch of ways, and is adjusted for region - I think it was like 50 bones, but it’s good for bargaining with your big bossman. I’ve got 3-4 years experience in the midwest and am making 38K - ouch, (but that is what the salary survey says is normal for my situation) - if you’re kicking arse and have lots of billable hours and top notch skills you should ask for a raise or a review, and if nothing else the salary survey assures you that you are not the only one getting screwed, your peers are too :laughing:

I keep hearing that out in California people hop all over and get crazy money because every time they leave they get a raise, maybe that’s just kookie talk.

Word to your mutha

that’s because they have to in order to pay the rent. don’t be fooled. i live in heartland USA and turned down a job offer in Bay Area as IDer (3yrs exp) for $65,000USD. i did a reloc. calculation and found out that’s equivalent to $24,000USD where im currently living.


I keep hearing that out in California people hop all over and get crazy money because every time they leave they get a raise, maybe that’s just kookie talk.

Lets think about this for a minute. Would you rather have crazy money or a steady job with gradual increase. Hmm.

I think this design business is a bit of a sham. Most companies like hoppers because they soak them dry for the competitors latest information. Once they get the latest scoop, they send you packing.

I even heard a manager at a big company say “we like to hire people for 6 months and if we don’t get what we want we drop em and move on to the next person”. Why do you think contract is all that’s being offered these days. Don’t give me that bull about the economy either. If it’s so bad then how are studios surviving.

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OMG. You are so stupid!!! Have you been living under a rock for the past decade? EVERYONE knows that in order to maintain the same stardard of living $45,000 salary in Kansas City, one would have to make like $80,000 in SanFran or NYC.

maybe you should look at the coroflot survey


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