whats the name of that nike shoe?...

Trying to find the name (more importantly pic) of that womens nike running/sport culture shoes from a couple of years ago (i think). it had the heel cup not attached to the midsole. there was some sort of TPU part that went around the heel and it kinda floated above the midsole.

i thought it was called the Nike Ovid, or something like that, but googled it and couldnt find any pics…

im sure i have a pic of it someplace, but cant find it. have over 5000 pics of shoes on my hardrive…

if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.



Nike Ovolo. Dope shoe indeed!

awsome. thanks. thats it. i wasnt too far off on the name at least!

case closed :slight_smile:


Whoa. My first reaction was to think of clap skates. Does anyone know (or have theories) as to the thinking behind that construction?