What's the most important component of Industrial Design?

Hi guys ,

I am doing a survey, trying to find out what designers think the most important part is in Industrial Design.

for example, creativity? or ability for mass production? Or human factor?

Please let me know what you think, thanks a lot.

How do we do good industrial design?

Start with some:

add some:

and flavour with some “irresistium” for good measure.

How about well roundedness? Maybe you’re not a pro at every component of ID, but you are pretty good at everything. You could be a pro at 3D CAD, and but lacking in thought process and sketching. The result is a pretty rendering of a bad design.

From an left-brained “outsider” perspective, if I were to change into an IDer, I’d prioritize sketching/illustrating skills to convey an idea. If you’re persistent, you’ll eventually narrow in on a presentable idea as well as show first-class your ideation.

If I had to pick a second priority - being able to forecast problems in use, manufacture, and/or performance of the product/service.


  1. The clients business need
  2. The user

the brief…

in a word: will.

Kind of like asking whats the most important part of the car, the engines, the tires, or the brakes.

At the end of the day, without everything working together the machine won’t run.

Can’t design something brilliant thats impossible to make (Vaporware), can’t design something manufacturable thats crap (crap), and can’t design something beautiful (sketch) that you can’t actually make a product out of.

But out of all the other answers I would say “The user” is the most important part of design.

What about simply understand human behavior. I find it amazing sometimes the things I think are no brainers through observation of the user, other non designer do not pick up on. I think this is a skill that we just have and our brains work a bit differently that it causes view things in a different perspective.

Thanks! If I am not wrong, I would think the “user” you pointed at last refers to “user experience” ?

and how much difference between Human Factor and User?

My personal opinion, in old ages, designers talk about Human Factors, it’s mainly narrowed to consumer and products’ physical interface ; In now days, the USER many designers talk about is more refer to a much broader range, not only about physical contact, but also about psychologic experience, e.g. iPhone.

How does everyone agree with me?



Will/Vigor/Hard Work/etc

spend more time, give more care to observe,find and think.

Always person!

me too


Except maybe in reverse order.

Recognizing that problems require solutions exactly as much as solutions require problems.

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Command + Z

good listening/observation skills