What's the most consumerized animal?

I vote for Panda.

The Chinese government use them for gifts.
Then they use them as one of the Olympic mascots
Plus tons of other products names or designed after the panda, but few actually have anything to do with the animal.

In fact, I think that’s the only reason why Panda still exists. It should have been extinct ages ago for its lack of ability to survive.

I know you guys probably expect me to say “cow”. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s up there too, but at least the cow is pretty damn useful in many ways.

probably not even close, but one of the first things to pop into my head

cows might be up there…hmmm

I would have to say sharks. I see them everywhere, especially along the coast.

Not sure I would go along with Panda Bear. Bears in general, would likely be at the top of the list. A la Teddy Bears.

Hello Kitty has surely shot Cat’s up there.

Dalmations were hot for a while.

Penguins are always good for comic relief…especially in good computer animated movies. Still one of the best lines ever in a movie comes from an animated penguin…Madagascar, penguins “escape” from the zoo to Antarctica and finally get there. One penguin looks to the others to say, “This sucks”.

Basically anything “cute” gets slapped on something to make it more sellable.

Sharks are definitely up there.

Do elephants count? Not so much for the mass consumerism. But being driven closer to extinction for Ivory surely buys them some sympathy points for the list?

Interesting question. Curious what sparked it.

my money goes for either dog/cat. with all the pet food products and related industry, its got to top the list. esp. if you count all the tigers, greyhounds, jaguars and the like.

anyone have an actual list?


damn simple: the most commercialized animal ? — Answer: (WO)MAN - the high class animal…

i didn’t know that about pandas, is it true?
anyway, i guess is dog/cat