What's the largest letter-spacing you've ever seen on a product?

photo by Andras Vas

This is something I think about in traffic: the only place you really see extreme letter-spacing is on cars. Does anything beat automobile letter-spacing? Are there some unwritten rules about what type of product it works on?

Great point. The only one I could think of off the top of my head is SMEG. But I think they are referencing a 1950’s automotive aesthetic.

That is indeed extreme! You could easily fit another set of letters between those. So cars and appliances had their heyday / aesthetic touchstone set around the same era? or maybe it was/is a matter of filing these large blank surfaces. Cars are less planar nowadays but the wide tracking is just an established or expected look…

A few more appliances with wide-lettering from that era. Even the cursive is spaced absurdly wide…

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Nice one! I think that will be tough to beat @rkuchinsky — the letters look spaced at 4x the letter height - enough to squeeze the rest of the name in there…


This is also interesting — Hyundai spaces out most of their model names but Kia does on only a few (the SUVs). So wide spacing is basically reserved for the higher market segment.