What's the largest letter-spacing you've ever seen on a product?

photo by Andras Vas

This is something I think about in traffic: the only place you really see extreme letter-spacing is on cars. Does anything beat automobile letter-spacing? Are there some unwritten rules about what type of product it works on?

Great point. The only one I could think of off the top of my head is SMEG. But I think they are referencing a 1950’s automotive aesthetic.

That is indeed extreme! You could easily fit another set of letters between those. So cars and appliances had their heyday / aesthetic touchstone set around the same era? or maybe it was/is a matter of filing these large blank surfaces. Cars are less planar nowadays but the wide tracking is just an established or expected look…

A few more appliances with wide-lettering from that era. Even the cursive is spaced absurdly wide…

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Nice one! I think that will be tough to beat @rkuchinsky — the letters look spaced at 4x the letter height - enough to squeeze the rest of the name in there…


This is also interesting — Hyundai spaces out most of their model names but Kia does on only a few (the SUVs). So wide spacing is basically reserved for the higher market segment.

It is not the widest by any means but Teriyaki Heaven gets extra points for hostage note style.

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Some one took their time spacing that :smiley:

Yeah it is quite nice!

wowza, never noticed that before!

Anyone else bothered by this:

Haval logo

I also remember vintage radios having this wide kerning logo on the front, probably to fit the horizontality. Like Philips, the original logo was much narrower (on the right):

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great call on those P H I L I P S radios!

Yes, the swoop of the A’s combined with the italic makes it a real mess!

“Its not the S I Z E of your L E T T E R spacing. Its what you D O with it.” =)