what's the difference?

What’s the difference between MAYA and alias studio tools?
are they the same thing? or are they completely different?

:unamused: Studiotools:ID geometry creation
Maya:Animation, and rendering. Modeling for animation. Lack of usable geometry for ID

i use Maya geometry for product. Maya iges goes into Pro/E clean. shelling no problem. maybe MB can explain better.

I have been trying to purchase the alias studio tool but no luck so far.
Its not on the alias website, or is my web navigation crap?

jooish Alias Software | Get Prices & Buy Alias 2023 | Autodesk
Alias Software | Get Prices & Buy Alias 2023 | Autodesk

What MB is stating is that Maya is not the optimal tool for id as it is aimed toward animation and not a parametric modeler. In other words the model is not constrained by actual dimensions. However it is the optimal tool for action figure and various toy design applications, dispite the “dumb lump” translation of the iges. I do comend you on the ability to transfer iges to Pro sucessfully as iges and pro dont always agree.

dont know now but Studio to Pro/E only iges not long ago. no draft or surf eval tools either. stopped using with Studio 9. its parametric now? big surprise. also worked with rhino files in Pro. transferred worse than Maya imo. Maya modeling not as good as either. but geometry is useable. saying its not is ignorant. NURBs are NURBs.

Maya Unlimited has 7-deg surfs. similar control as Studio 9. just no surface eval tools or crappy draft tool. not much export for CAD but rounds/fillets go into Pro fine. but for half-price get DesignTools. for tenth price get Rhino. dont know specs on Maya Complete. if iges export may be ok option.

Actually sudio 10.2 and Pro/E wildfire 2 are rummored to be both built integrating a new recoded Granite kernel. Idea is that they will be able to seamlessly transfer data back and forth without translating by simply using the granite save comands to be included. But if I know these two companies this will be an additional feature and cost about double the starting $ of the packages.

generally i agree that alias likes to charge extra for new features, usually by adding them only to the higher end products. but studio has granite i/o since v10 (i think) in all levels of the software at no extra charge. how well it works is a good question, i’ve heard good and bad from different people.

maya is intended for animators and game designers, studio is intended for product designers, that doesn’t mean there’s a big sign on the maya box saying, “put this down you stupid designer!” many designers sculpt with artisan, the paint brush that deforms 3d surfaces based on pressure input from a tablet, and subd modeling can make some quick shapes with detail much faster than traditional nurbs modeling in studio. polygons and subds can be exported to cad, you just have to have people on both sides who know what to do and what not to do with the data.

:wink: you are indeed correct ykh my good friend -nurbs are nurbs. designer was correct about my intent though

“In other words the model is not constrained by actual dimensions …for action figure and various toy design applications”

i dont do toys and action figures. regular products. housewares. electronics. and dimensions entered numerically. shapes built around motors, fan blades, pc boards, heating elements. Maya really not much diff than Studio. Studio just has few nice features like surf eval. doesnt much change how you make the shape using CV or Edit curves, bi-rail or boundary surfs, and curvature tools and attach/connect/etc. file exports to Pro/E. goes solid. shells. cuts on machine.

funny to hear designers say cant do this or that. i actually use these apps. where do you people get your information?

funny to hear designers say cant do this or that. i actually use these apps. where do you people get your information?


I apologies, I was simply stating the information I have been given over the years from other designers and our A/W vendor.

apologies meself. being cranky. this topic comes up so often and so many perceptions of what is what. we need a sticky thread. or i can create/load a Maya sample on geocities. something simple maybe. going from Maya to Pro. can certainly believe AW vendor would sell Studio over Maya. and agree with AW if money no object, then buy Studio. but practical reasons arent many.

tbh i’m watching Blender. nurbana (an old free nurbs modeler) got integrated i guess. Blender is impressive. and theres effort to make a version of Blender called BlenderCAD. Blender UI still weird. but improving fast now. they need iges output. i might suggest it to them. couple years this free prog might be good option.

have started that example. it’ll be slow updates. but you can see the product i’ll do on my webpage.