What's the difference between product design and ID?

What’s the difference between product design and ID?

the only definiition of the difference I’ve ever seen…

"Industrial design is an applied art whereby the aesthetics and usability of products may be improved. Design aspects specified by the industrial designer may include the overall shape of the object, the location of details with respect to one another, colors, texture, sounds, and aspects concerning the use of the product ergonomics. Additionally the industrial designer may specify aspects concerning the production process, choice of materials and the way the product is presented to the consumer at the point of sale. The use of industrial designers in a product development process may lead to added values by improved usability, lowered production costs and more appealing products.

Many regard Apple’s iMac G4 a masterpiece of product design.Product design is focused on products only, while industrial design has a broader focus on concepts, products and processes. In addition to considering aesthetics, usability, and ergonomics, it can also encompass the engineering of objects, usefulness as well as usability, market placement, and other concerns.

Product design and industrial design can overlap into the fields of user interface design, information design and interaction design. Various schools of Industrial Design and/…"

Product design is a component of Industrial Design, but I don’t see them as exactly the same thing. Generally I see product design as the design of consumer products, wheras industrial design is more of a general term for “design for mass production”. Other components of ID could be furniture, transportation, packaging, interaction, product strategy, etc etc

here in the bay area ID is, well, ID.

product design is the more technical design of the product…moving closer to engineering than aesthetics. as far as i can tell this distinction came about when stanford opened its product design department that was very much biased towards engineering.