what's the best ID portfolio on Coroflot?


Please tell me what are the best ID portfolios on Coroflot, I’d like to see some links.


If you guys have any saved portfolio links, could you share them here? I’d love to see some good stuff…

Maybe you should post this under the portfolio section?

Be specific…
3d Work…Sketches…Visual Communication…ET CETERA

OK, brouse through, there are a lot.

These are all good for various reasons:

This one has great photography which is important in communicating what you have done well and that you can present quality work to a client.

This one is good because he shows process for his project in a concise manner and has a nice body of work. It shows how he designs which is important for someone to get there first Job.

This guy the same way, shows good process and his skills are well rounded.

One Key thing I would try to avoid:
Is showing projects based on “Skills”. Meaning “here is a project I did in Alias” “Here is a project I did in Illustrator”. A lot of people show projects that they did as an Alias, photoshop, or Illustrator exercise to show the skill . This shows an employer you can do the skill but not if you can think. Your Work itself should show your skills but the more important thing to a potential hire is how you think and how your process can work for them, Skills can be taught if you don’t have them.

Good Luck

Are you too lazy to actually take the time to find an employee, and want to rely on others to tell you what is good or not good…. You must be one hell of a designer.


I am not here to hire anyone, I wish, sorry.

thomasdesign, thanks for the links. I think the second link you gave, it shows this guy is a hard worker… The third one, it seems he might have some interest in gaming or entertainment industry.

I am just here to see people’s view about what they think are good designs. People have different tastes, ya know…

Hey, maybe your work is in one of these three links, who knows. haha