what's the best ID firm?

What’s the best Industrial Design consultancy in the Pacific Northwest?

here we go again…

if you can’t rank them yourself, then apply to a machine shop and be happy.

the one that will give you a job(?)

astro studios cause they sketch real nice… :slight_smile:

not sure if they are the best ID firm but seems like its alot of fun to work there.

I cant stress enough how soooo many people keep asking "what is the best firm out there…the real question is which one do you fit?

Do you like change, or do you like structure, so you like research, or just styling, so you like to collaborate with others, or sit back and do your own thing, then share within a group…

Sure the top firms are known for reasons, but stop asking whats the best. There is no such thing as best, but there is a best for you…figure out 3-5 core things that a firm must have to fit your needs, then you can figure out the best firms in your own definition.

Why do some of you guys feel it necessary to bag on people on here that ask questions… if you don’t like the question… don’t reply…it’s that simple! You’re the one that looks like an idot!

I suspect that such individuals are insecure in their own positions and seek to discourage “newbies” from rising above them.

Each firm has it’s own background, experience, and repeat clients… one may appeal to you will not appeal to someone else… So you can look at it like Orbital said - what are you looking for - change, structure, etc…

I boil it down to 4 motivations… you need to prioritize them to find your fit.

  1. do you simply need a job at all costs? [then elliminate the following 3]
  2. Power [ability to influence]
  3. Money/Time
  4. Best Projects [as you see them… for some it could be soft goods, others technology, and others still furniture]

…Now you can begin to rank them to your working preferences.

If you are looking to hire… bring em all in and let them pitch to you. Experience with your products and your need for speed/money/implementation VS a new break through idea will help you make hiring decisions.

I agree, but do see these types of questions all the time and feel “the best firm” is quite subjective, loaded, and vague. Maybe these questions would be taken a little more seriously if they were more pointed ie. most conceptual firm or “best” research orientated firm.