What's the best design university in China?

What’s the best design university in China?
Can you list their name (with their location)?

there are many good universities in mainland china, however, all faculties of design are immature: lack of professional designers, practise and communicating with others.

imho, shanghai jiaotong university and tsinghua might be the possible leaders in china because of their international reputation in engineering.

also jiangnan university(school) , hunan university have advantage in artist-based deisgn.

i do not think it is wise to make a final judgement of who is the best in china. there are also some universities having different concerns and pros, for example bit, zhejiang u, xian jiaotong u(where i am currently in), etc.

p.s. i heard that fudan university planned to open a design school, is it true?

:unamused: HelloKitchen :arrow_right: yes,you are right!

Now, fudan has a design school. About in 2005.

already opened???


i was planning to study abroad then get a position there…

so i missed the best initial time :frowning: