What's the Best Design School?

Hey everyone. i was trying to find a listing of the best schools for graphic design /multimedia production. i live in chicago. i heard UIC has the #3 program in the us but was wondering about the other’s at least the top 10. anyone can help me. The best meaning the best reputation and/or the best students to come out of their school.

thanks :smiley:


I don’t know if your looking for proven “rankings” or not, however…

As a designer who attended two different schools, heres my take.

I attended CCS in Detroit for two years, and it was great. They taught me how to draw and make things “look pretty”. However they didn’t teach me anything about materials or PROCESS. I then transfered to The Ohio State University, and it was great. They taught me about materials and PROCESS, but nothing about drawing, or sketching, or making things look “pretty”.

Now, I’m sure there must be a school out there that stresses both drawing, sketching, “pretty” as well as process. Unfortunately I had to attend two schools to learn both.

For what I have learned from others is that there are a lot of programs like CCS and Art Center (drawing, sketching, et cetera), and there a lot of programs like The OSU (PROCESS). Good luck finding one that stresses BOTH.

…Now I’m not too sure that the school turns out “the best students” as much as “the best students” make the most of thier time (and eventually graduate from) at thier respected school.

Thanks alot for your honest opinion. :smiley:

I think Parsons school of design is a top design school in the world. I dont think anyone can argue about tht, especially if you are talking about fashion design, but like with any school there are there strong points and weaker points.and one of there weaker is ID- or wht they call product design. I am in communication design-graphic design. and got a job designing shoes last yr. i am a junior now. i now of alot of students that are working in the field now or have interns. also being in nyc helps. but the tuition is killer. i got scholorships…but still killer…