What's the best 3D design software for Mac?

So this might be a silly question, but I’ll ask it anyways. What is the best 3D design software for industrial designers on a Mac? It seems all the ones I’ve heard of only work on a PC (i.e. SolidWorks and Rhino). Is SolidThinking any good?

I have a Mac and use both Solidworks and Rhino, just use bootcamp, parallels etc… Rhino is also working on a version for Mac OSX.

I use Rhino and Solidworks on my mac. For Rhino I use the mac-version (it’s still in Beta, but very functional) and Solidworks I run in bootcamp (I hope the rumoured mac-version is coming).

Alias also has a mac-version, but I never really got into Alias. Unlike Rhino, who are doing a great job of making Rhino feel like a mac program, Autodesk seem to be converting Alias the easy way as far as the GUI goes.

For just 3d-modelling (i.e. illustrations not cad) I also like Modo from Luxology.

Well I think it all depends on what you want to do. Solidworks works on a completely different kernel. I have used Rhino, its a surface modelling package or visualisation as far as I know. Solidworks surfacing is versatile and would suit most needs and I have seen cars modelled well in it. The point of Solidworks is to provide mass and volume. If you’re just doing it for fun Rhino is the cheapest to pick up and the easiest to learn. Solidworks is useless for designing cars.