Whats the average years of experience here on Core77?

I know my segmentation is arbitrary, but why is there a 2-3 year hump? With a delcline and then it picks up again after 10?

5 years in the salt mines for me. got to go! VIP of design is running toward me with his whip at the ready!!! AHHHHHH!

The hump: maybe hiring was lower between 3-5 years ago? Experienced designers kept working, but ones with no experience were shut out.

For various reasons I did not work for a year after I graduated. After that I freelanced for another year with only a few contracts. Then I landed a permanent corporate job. I put myself down as having 2-3 years experience.

Around Montreal, I’ve met alot of designers that graduated in 2001/2002 that didn’t find a job for 1-2 years. I’m sure that isn’t just local.

another category - design groupies employed in other/semi-related fields.