Whats the average years of experience here on Core77?

Number of years experience

  • Student
  • 1
  • 2-3
  • 3-5
  • 5-10
  • 10-20
  • 20-30

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If this is a repost, then I guess you can ignore, but I was wondering the demographic breakdown of all of us here. Thanks!

over 10. not including engineering before that.

You could maybe do with an unemployed choice. I’ve just graduated so no years yet, but nolonger a student. I marked as student

about 8

eh, unemployed. . .Graduated though

7 loong years

2 for me, i’m just learning to walk

granted, there is probably a good fuzzy area between recent graduates and 1st year designers.

Maybe another pole should be about how many people are looking for work vs how many actually have jobs…

10 and 40 to go assuming stem cell research doesn’t cure death.

Since 1991 so 14 years. I am 36 years old

About 8 on and off.

11 years, not counting school.

I’ve got 7…


From the low level of intelligence displayed here, the general preference of personal attacks over substantive discussion, the lack of accurate information, the inability to read posts and answer posts correctly (oops - am I guilty of that?), the high occurence and display of frustration and depression over dashed expectations, I would guess that the majority of posters have 0-4 years of experience.

The few mid-range and older posters can be discovered by their tendency to provide way more information than is asked for and to go off on irrelevant tangents just so they can move the conversation to an area where they can show off their so-called experience and tired opinions.


I would also observe that the mid-west is probably over-represented here - anyone know if that’s the case? Seems like the salaries quoted in posts are always too low for New York, Boston, San Fran. And I get the impression that people in the bigger coastal design cities don’t “need” this forum (or have the time for it) the way that those in relative creative wastelands seem to cling to it.

(So the next poll could be, how many enemies have I just created??)

don’t worry, I am not using these results to publish a paper or anything, I was just wondering where we are all coming from.

At this point the median seams to be around 4 years experience. Are most of us here looking for jobs. (Because we don’t have work, we have time to visit the boards…etc…?)

Interesting, indeed.

damn 10 for ykh… i thought he was like a undergrad from reading his posts and his attitude.


3 years here

not including internships, i have only worked as a profesional ID’er for 9 months…

mind you in total i have been a designer for over 24 months…in both ID and graphics…

-s - 24