what you think?

a little something i put together… I dont have all my work up but this is the layout I will be displaying my work in.


I am on a T1 and i took @ 1 min to load…way too long.

30 second rule, if I were going here to look at an individuals portfolio I would have probably stoped and went on the the next canidate.

Other than the load time it looks good, and the work seams clean.

Mine loaded faster, but not sure what speed I’m at. Looks really cool, kinda “twitchy” with the flash stuff ( I like that )

thanks for the replies… anyone else?


I like the holla section. That is hella funny. Shows that your a cool kat, keepin it real and shit.

haha fosho… thanks!

overall the site and work has a nice feel, and you consistantly apply the same feel throughout the site which is hard to do.

Good stuff man.

Looks great…

You have much of intersting graphics