What would you like to see in students' thesis projects?

What would you like to see in students’ thesis projects?

I am becoming a senior at a design college this Fall, and would like to know some opinions from others regarding the thesis project.

As you know, college seniors are supposed to create a masterpiece for a show that will be open at the end of the year.
I am currently thinking of ideas and wonder what would YOU like to see, since you are one of the audience.
Or, if you are to make something, what would YOU do???

This is just a general question. So please feel free to give me any suggestion!

Thank you… :slight_smile: [/b]

Instead of asking what we would like to see,
how about take the stance of giving examples of
what you feel is important for us to see.

Sure, we are the audience, but you have the
opportunity to shape our mindset through your
project. Use this opportunity to voice what you
think is important.

Not, to knock marketing…but, do you really think
that by merely polling people, about what they want
to see, you will create a successful/interesting project?

Senior year, your last academic hoorah.
Show us how you think the future can/could/should be better.

Don’t ask us, tell us.

agree ther with mr.cowboy.
what do you want people to see? its your show after all.
anyway…i graduated in may and we did this design show with B grade monsters as the theme. (think godzilla,stop motion animations…) most of us doesnt want the typical design shows(not that we hate it). it gives a pleasent suprise to a lot of visitors. we have peanuts and coffee for everyone. and theres an opening night, like a movie premiere and all. its very casual stuff. everyone had fun. and most importantly a lot got hired.

i think the show’s trailer still up.

Thank you spacecowboy and plantationfarmer for your advice.

I was just getting so nervous, because lot of my friends already know what they want to do.
I was talking to one of my friends last night, and actually got relieved after finding that she is in the exactly the same situation as I am. She doesn’t know what she wants to do, but want to create something meaningful to her.

I will think about it during this summer for two months, and may post my idea on coloflot so that you can give me feedback.
Again, I appreciate for your comments. They were really helpful.

Also, I liked the monster movie! It was great. Thanks Mr.farmer!

You guys get to choose?

Well, freedom of choice isn’t always good huh? I think it’s not what you do that is important, but how you do it. You can be given a huge project and not being able to do a good job, or an insignificant one but allows you to show what you are capable of.

Plan your thesis to emphasize the areas of design that you would like to pursue when you leave school. Remember, this will probably be the project you use to get your first job.

my school (year) didnt have thesis. program f up. one year. but some did indy projects anyway. looking back and with plenty experience my opinion is - as interviewer - i want to see a thesis with

Completeness - from blue sky to real world product constraints (with full documentation). start out thinking big thoughts. but develop project to a REAL product with concern for not just style/ergo but also manufacturing/marketing/costs/etc. school is time for blue sky. but employers still want someone who demonstrates they realize what ID does is develop real product.

would expect older folio pieces have elements of all. earliest mostly blue sky. more recent pieces prob get more mundane. wrap all those lessons and what you learn last year into one project. that would impress me. honestly didnt see much of that as interviewer.

well, there is a lot of design competiton out there. a lot of competent designers. I would be thinking about how to set yourself apart.

the most major way you could do that is by picking a subject you love or hate. Explore it, challenge your assumptions about it. Change it. Make it yours. Make it better than it was. Identify a need, a problem. And blow the doors off it.

Passion is something that is lacking a pit in the interviews I’ve been in on. Someone can be taught to be competent, but it is the next level to really dive in and put ypurself into your work.

My college encouraged us to start off by picking an “activity” vs. a problem to design for. We were assigned to chose an activity (think adjective) and determine the important areas of the subject and create a book of articles relevant to our chosen catergories.

I started off looking at “hiking”. Right away I discovered that a) the market for hiking/camping equipment is extremely saturated and chances are it is really true that somebody else already thought of it, and b) hikers DO NOT want more shit. I was fortunate to discover some really active discussion forums and I asked the open ended question: “What products would you like to see designed for hiking?” The response was everything from services issues to a “kevlar spork”. At that point I was really lost as to what I wanted to focus on.

Then later that evening after the threat of designing hiking boots was put on the table by my professor (we have a decent relationship with Wolverine) I was terrified and I had to pick a focus. I ended up realizing that what was really important to everyone hiking was the experience, not “stuff”. “Stuff” aides your trip and makes it easier, but you really do it to be out there hiking. I decided that I wanted to design an interface for hiking trail systems, and that I would be offering information vs. a tangible product for them to use.

It became a really rewarding experience overall. I was able to dig deep into the anti-technology/nature vs. man issue. I went out for a week to Kentucky to volunteer in a trail building project, and I continued to ask questions on dicussion boards. In the end, it felt like I had aleviated the concerns of most of the nay-sayers, and the majority of those I spoke to seemed to like the idea.

You can see a few images of the end result and an short explanation of the project on my portfolio website; www.jl-id.com end of shameless plug