What would you like to design next?

It’s friday, let’s loosen up a bit.

What would you like to design next? A car? Furniture? Corporate logo? Pinball machine?

I’d like to try something low tech for a change. Maybe house hold items like wall clock or kichen items.

hey what about a comb. its a wonderful product, both with fuction and poetry. its so simple and so humble and with managerial qualities! yes it puts things straight. imagine a comb’s pesonality as an executive.

i’ll like to design something so simple. i’ve always been fasinated with simple banal objects, the one u see around u day long but never notice them.

an aquarium , doormat are again interesting products.

Something I have been tinkering with ever since the UCI (governing body of professional cycling) instigated rules on bicycle design is skewing the books a little and coming up with a design that is truely revolutionary. Currently, the big trend is frames weighing less than 2lbs (whooptidoo) and carbon/aluminum frames. Um, we had stuff like that back in 1986. Having to stick with the whole double-triangle design is completely ridiculous.

So, that’s what I want to come up with. Maybe a tube doesn’t need to be a tube at all. Maybe a tensioned cable like the Slingshot used to use. Bottom line is that the UCI has crushed innovation in bicycle design. We haven’t really gone far since the 1960’s. Even Shimano has expressed concern that they can’t design a better drivetrain without altering current frame design. Something has to break soon…

Until then, guess we’ll just have more carbon-fiber gizmos.