What would you do?

So as i am much more of a product architect / process consultant now in my role i have been scratching my design and build itch at home. I am in the process of building some bedside end tables and then some other bedroom pieces. While looking at some tools, i fell in love with this piece of “material” and have already begun the mental design process for what i could do with it.

With that said I thought a good thread to start could potentially be “what would you do?”

the challenge - to post a piece of raw material and then for the forum to explore what they would design with the said piece of raw material.

Hey. You can make the countertop for the coffee table.

is this pic at woodcraft?

Table is too obvious. how about making it the top panel of a chandelier over the dining table? Maybe have some bulbs hang down from it?

Would make a nice breakfast bar type thing.

Just think of the great pile of sawdust you could make from that thing! Sawdust for life! :wink:



I would turn that into the central section of a kayak - with a minimalist tube frame designed into it with buoyant ‘caps’ fore and aft!

  1. I’d use it as a vertical pillar of a shelving unit. Shelves cantilevered to the right to balance the wood’s left lean.
  2. Statement piece for the lobby/foyer. Maybe some messaging in raised metal letters. Maybe laser etched.
  3. Frame for a series of pictures.
  4. Something lighting, not sure, but maybe tangled small diameter tubing with single LED at the end.
  5. Front face for a dresser without changing the overall shape. Turn 90 degrees and have different size drawer fronts.

About a month ago a co-worker was milling parts from two color plastic (black & yellow). We independently had the same thought “Don’t clean the milling machine until we could take pictures of the shavings!”. The shavings made it look as if tiny bugs were swarming on the machine, or that it was being taken over by an odd moss.

I brought in my DLSR and tripod and took many pics.


I could build a little snuff box and just refill it for years…

Yeah its at woodcraft in Appleton WI by fox valley mall… you close by?

Well …?

We’re waiting.


Here’s three.

Love the third photo. The second one looks like yellow kudzu has invaded your shop!




Little slow on getting other personal projects done, which is fine as i am still not sure what to do with this piece of wood. So i thought i’d explore 3D cad models of what has been suggested here. Just to have some fun with quick concept visualization.

Solid works 3D model with image map and bump map applied.

[quote=“iab”]1. I’d use it as a vertical pillar of a shelving unit. Shelves cantilevered to the right to balance the wood’s left lean.

Here is what i see from your statement iab

that could be pretty cool in the right room.

I’m thinking the wood with the black cast iron and this style bulb would be nice. I may actually do a better rendering as i always love rendering lights. of course ill have to sketch out a quick table to get the overall feel of the size.
Breakfast bar thingy another time.