What would YOU do?

Suppose you had been working somewhere for sometime and while working there, you applied to an open position within the same company, but in a different department. After waiting over 9 weeks for a response following the first interview, you finally get one, but it is not clear to you if you will get the job or not. You ask, but you keep getting the same “we’re still looking/will notify you if…” response, so you decide to move on and look elsewhere. You get an offer from someone else which sounds excellent; fulfilling in many ways. You take the offer and not long after you do, you get a call from the position in your company that you were hoping to get in the first place. At this point, you have already made arrangements with both your current and future employers, and you are ready to make the transition. The question arises: Do you even bother with a second interview? Or do you say “no thank you”, and move forward? Is it too late to change plans?What would YOU do?

i’ve kind of had something similar happen to me and what i did was talk to the company you actually want to work with and explain to them the situation…in a very mature way!! therefore not blaming them for not having contacted you before etc. just tell them that in the mean time you got another offer that you accepted but you are very keen on working for them so you are prepared to turn down the offer you got if they are serious about hiring you etc. i think it’s important to make them see that you are wanted by someone else but you real wish is to work for them. this may also speed up the decision process in your case.

if you’ve already signed contracts etc i’m not sure how it works but i personally don’t think it’s too late to change plans…remember it’s your life!!

good advice.

I also have found that you are more attractive to potential employers when they know you are entertaining other offers. You might be able to work this for the best. Put your negotiating cap on.

All good advice so far…

I’d go to the place I really want to work and tell them the situation without being “angry” in any way. Tell them you want to work for them, but they need to show you the offer RIGHT NOW, and right $$$ figure. …things will happen!

Once you get your desired offer, don’t look back. Go where YOU want to work regardless of the other folks involved. Once you have your desired offer, then tell the other employer the truth/situation.

You will be much happier in the end.

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It’s a lot like playing Monopoly- you can negotiate anything…