What would you do if you have senstive skin ?

My doctor advised me that I should try to elude dust altogether. I think my skin is getting sensitve and it can be a problem. But for ID work, dust is almot unavoidable if you are in the factories/workshops and even in the studio or anywhere.

What would you do ? The Doc. thinks I should consider modifying job or go into another line.

Avoid dust…the world is made of dust?..Maybe walk around in a bubble suit?
still you would need some pretty good filters…and it could expensive…what about electro charging your clothes so that they repel dust…like anti static suits or something…heh heh…avoid dust…thats funny.

…very funny…
hey, you know, i wass repeatedly being told to avoid dust and had been told to choose other lines of profession because my skin is sensitive. Seems to be more sensitive now. Am ill at home at the moment and with hives at the moment. I still want to be in this line. So perhaps I should remodify my work scope ?

any ideas ?

I don’t like Hives. I can’t eat almost anything ! So plain so bland so boring !

Dust agitates your skin? Any particular kind of dust? Bought the only thing I can think of is to wear long sleeves with a rubber-band at the wrist, latex gloves (powdered style) and a breathing mask. How many more years of school do you have? If you can get through school by utilizing my above suggestions, then you should be fine once you get into the workplace. I speak for MANY people here when I say that hands-on carving of blue foam takes up very little of my daily activities. As long as you aren’t allergic to computers and graphite, you’ll be fine and won’t need to make drastic measures such as changing your profession.

My job is so dependent upon my artistic ability that I’ve contemplated taking out insurance policies on my hands alone (like J-LO!!!) ha ha. Seriously, if something happened to my left hand, I’d be screwed as I couldn’t do my job.

Anyone ever given that much thought?

I’ve heard of people that are allergic to latex?..be careful with that one…You should see a dermatologist…basically a skin doctor…

6ix, light dust is ok but not dusty dust. I would sneeze non stop. If the ventilation is less than good, most people may feel a light itch. But i will develop some light rash. The condition i’m having—mild hives— is a result of prolonged exposure to dust over time. Thats what the doctors are concerned of.

I don’t have this problem when I was at college. Don’t have it when I just started working. It seems that skin quality has changed and also the environment doesn’t seem to be too clean.

btw, i am not a student… i sound like one and i look like one because i like to play too much.

i did

thats why I am at home nursing hives.
i’ve got soar throat too.
i think the dirt and the change of weather also affect my condition…
believe me i have designed my new diet and am keeping to it…
lots of veg, fruits, seaweed, salads, some fish… natural omegas 3 and 6
i don’t like the medicine though. i think its not a solution. its just a ‘surface’ solution. So i decided to do body detox instead.

Sorry, I didn’t know you’d graduated. Are you in the States?

The body detox thing sounds interesting. I’ve read up a bit on the whole Lemonade Diet, but it looks pretty darn intense!! I’m sure it’s good at cleaning out your system.

With your above explanation of things with your skin, I honestly have no clue or suggestions. Seems VERY strange. Hope it clears up soon. Might not be related to your profession at all.

I suppose you are in singapore. Go ask around and see a good Chinese doctor and get some herbs to help build up your immune system. I grew up drinking bitter liquids cooked out of herbs that my mom got from those doctors. I don’t know what it did to me(good or bad), but no bitterness is too bitter for me now.

I suppose your skin reaction isn’t to the dust(wait, I am not a doctor, don’t take this seriously!!!). I have a sensitive nose and reacts to dusts too. I heard that a lot of body reactions are actually reactions to your nose’s reaction to the air. So, the dust irritates your nose, and that triggers a reaction in other parts of your body.

That said, wear a good mask, like those made by 3M with organic carbon filters and a good seal around your nose and mouth. I never wear those paper ones because the seal around the face isn’t effective enough.

Same problem. I became allergic to the ren and urethane foam dust. I would have full blown anaphylaxis with no similarities in food of animal contact. After 2 yrs of testing and various trips to the ER I made the suggestion after reading an article on the increasing chemical sensitivities in certain professions. The doc had me bring a sample in and it was the trigger.

Put me on Zyrtec…and am generally fine. Shower immediately after the contact or getting home, if the itching/swelling do start take a hit of 2 Benadryl. Luckily for me they do not make me drowsy.

ask the doc about the Zyrtec sample

edit: Forgot to mention the long sleeves and the high quality vapor and dust respirator when working in the model or cnc shop.

Heard of Zyrtec. but I also come to believe that medication of these types are not really curing anything from the root.

I was given medication and it fixed the problem within 2 days. But only to return with side effects like pimples and itch. So i dumped the whole thing and design a regiment of a new diet that is rich in minerals and B vitamins on top of natural creams and lotions. So far its quite good effect. I did this after the doctor gave me antibiotics for the pimples. I just didn’t like the idea of taking antibiotics and get another set of side effects.

molested cow, you are very smart. Yes I am in Singapore. Its over the rainbow from the States to this little spot on the equator. :wink:

anyway, how did you guess it ?

Believe me I do wear masks. Its strange but I think other than dust that irritates the nose and have this reaction, i think humidity also adds to the problem. Plus there is more contact on dust at home too. There are lots of construction where I move around. And I realise my skin is more itchy…

I hope I get this sorted. it horrible- —very famished very bland; but its working— The diet I fix myself on makes me hungry. I’m on congee with kelp/seaweed and lots of oily fish etc. Congee and clear soups don’t fill my tummy up too well. Its bland too… and I like chocolates…can only drool at them for the time being…

drink more water and eat more fruit,then use Chinese traditional medicine to wash your body maybe good.

hiya! nope I’m not in the States. I’d wish I am in the States actually. I’m curious about so many things in the States. I will post questions about it in a seperate thread.

I am in the process of detox, nourishing, and cleansing my damned pimpled face(I want my face back !!) Its tanned, bumpy and looks off !
How nice ! So I designed my diet, my cleansing process and basically my lifestyle. I hope its a blessing in disguise. I’ve learnt a lot more about the skin now than I used to. So its probably not that bad. Hope it clears up too.
I am rethinking about the design process for the sake of my skin too !!

I had a similar problem.
My nose is very sensitive to dust, just cleaning the house makes it runny, rashes on hands and legs. When it gets bad, some blood vessel inside my nose will burst. I’ve even had nose bleeds in the middle of presentations and meetings. `It was so bad that I had to rely on nose sprays during NS.

Now that I’m in Japan, I’ve not had a single symptom occur. Not even during pollen season, all that did was clog up my nose, all I had to do was clear up the dried mucus every hour or so, no other problems. It runs in the family, when my mother and aunts came over, their nose stopped being funny as well.

I’d say it’s mix of both the dust and the humidity.

I am allergic to foam dust actually. I just improved all the skills that are important outside the shop. It is somewhat of a handicap, but since so much of the work I do is digital, I can have a viable career in ID.

MasterBlaster, thanks for the reply.

I agree with you that ID work can be modified. I intend to do something similar to yours.

I finally get rid of the pimples by my own designed regiment of strict diet. I am beginning to like the diet now. I hope the skin problem will be totally eradicated in 2 weeks time. I am so glad I did not take the anti biotics and the other creams. From this incident, I’ve really learnt a heap about skin problems. And certainly don’t want a repeat of this !

Hi Cheerygirl,

Try some chyawanprash…

( atleast for month…no sideeffects…ancient Ayurvedic health tonic )

famous brand is Dabur



ADD, thanks for the link.

I think plan I have is working very well but I will keep your advise for further study about skin.

Right now, I am having fever…and a runny nose… Its crap though to catch it at work…

must know how to strengthen my immune system !