What Would U Charge?

What would you charge for 3 new original concepts for a new water cooler, if you had 5years experience under your belt? $250? $350?
This would also include some time to research the market and thumbnails to find a direction to pursue. Thanks a bunch.

That seems way too low.

You could charge half a day of freelance work at most for that much.

It depends on what your deliverables are, but I would think you should charge a minimum 10 times what you have listed.

Wow, the deliverables would be a list of project questions for the client to answer, 3 concepts with say (front, side, top and 3qtr) tight sketches either hand drawn or Rhino’d (to get more views), maybe some inspiration images, the time to correspond, zip and email. I was thinking 3 days @45/hr. as a stand-alone freelancer - approx $1,000.00. Maybe I should double time? I read somewhere you should always expect things to take 2x to 3x as long as you think.

Give yourself a week.


Yo and McCoy, Thank you for taking the time to give input!

I would give yourself at least a week also. maybe a week and a half. you have to give yourself time for revisions and client feedback. things do take a lot longer than you expect. Feel free to ask any more questions you have.