What would complement an ID degree?

I have a BAID from an Art Institute school and want to get another degree to complement it. I have two states to choose from: Illinois and Colorado.

Going back for (2) main reasons 1)want a degree from a well-known traditional University with the option of doing a masters later in my career 2)want to be better equipped to work in the ID field (maybe a well-rounded education is what I mean)

Anyways, I thought about a sculpture degree (BFA), another ID degree from U of Illionis (IDBA),

Question: What degree could I get to complement my ID degree?

I’ll take any advise and/or opinions.


If you want a degree from a university, why not look into marketing, communications, or business, to complement the ID degree you have?

why a second bachelors? just go for the MFA or MBA.

you don’t want to be over educated and under experienced (do you?)

Cultural Anthropology.

marketing, communications, or business, Cultural Anthropology- thats an idea, I going to look into these

why a second bachelors? just go for the MFA or MBA.- cuz I went to an Art Institute their credidations are not accepted by most uniys. I researched this already and could considered this if the appeals board granted me admission.