What would be most appropriate? Different side of design...

I am currently about to graduate with two undergrad degrees…one in product design and one in furniture design. Right now I am looking into Graduate programs but am having a hard time finding an appropriate program.

I would like to focus more on the functional side of design possibly interaction design or human factors and ergonomics. Or possibly even a program who stresses function strongly?

If there are any programs anyone can think of the help would be appreciated.

Just learned of San Jose States Human Factors/Ergonomics Masters degree.


ID is extremely broad, what is taught in school are problem solving skills. It’s only to prepare you for the real learning out in the feild.

What do you want to achieve from a masters degree?

Work for a few years before you get your masters. This will really help you to answer those questions for yourself.

3 degrees + little to no experience = not very employable.