what will I need for freshman year as ID major?

I’ve just graduated from high school and I’m going to Pratt this fall for ID. (so excited) I was wondering what kind of tools/equipment are good to start off with as a freshman?


Have you checked out Pratt’s website? They usually have a list of things they require in coming freshman to have.

I guess I am thinking more like power tools that would be useful for the 4 years that I 'm there. I heard that I will need a tool box filled with stuff…

I checked the website, but nothing is listed yet. I’ll probably get a supply list after I register.


I wouldn’t be in any particular rush. You could go out and spend $3000 and still not have everything you might need for your college career.

If you’re going to Pratt you’ll be in NY which means anything you NEED to buy you won’t be very far from. Professors will tell you what to get for their classes when you take them. There are lots of different electives you’ll pick up, and some that you won’t. Theres no reason to buy scuplting tools if you won’t be using clay, and no reason to pick up woodworking tools if you won’t be woodworking, etc.

The supply chest (you’ll definately need more than just a tool box, I graduated with a chest packed to the brim with bass wood, random paints and adhesives, all kinds of pens, pencils, markers, paper, safety gogggles, xacto knives, stuff I hadn’t even opened out of the package) is something you build up over time. Then when you graduate you can say “wow why did I spend so much *#@!ing money on wood that I’m NEVER going to use” :laughing:

It will very much depend on your specific courses and projectsn when it comes to specific tools, but I can think of a few general necessities, ie. a decent digital camera and laptop with the best graphics card you can afford. The other thing that really helped me get through design school was RockStar Energy Drink. Maybe stock up on that?

All i can suggest are a lot of sketching material… I regret not buying a bulk of sketch books from ebay($15 for i believe 14 books) while I could 3 years ago. :angry:

Yeah, I’d second what Cyber said. Hold off of any major purchases till you’re there and have talked to your teachers. But… if you do happen to find good deals on couple things, it wouldn’t hurt to consider picking up:

Dremel A Rotary Tool
A Drawing Tablet

These are two things that you will certainly put to use over your 4 years and beyond.

As a freshman, you will be taking few to no actual ID classes for the first year at Pratt. You need to clear foundation before you start the ID curriculum. So, that means you will need regular art supplies like charcoal, newsprint, color-aid and stuff like that. You don’t need to be in a rush to pick up supplies, but don’t wait to get them at the Pratt Store… It’s a total rip-off.

Good luck.

Each class should be giving you a list of things to get. Enjoy your first year and don’t stress over it.

A fridge full of Red Bull

Fixed. :laughing: :wink:

THANKS for the advice, looking so forward to Pratt… :smiley:


I agree with these. Most tools should be available for use from the school at least to start off with, but be prepared to buy things that you consume for the project (paper, pens, woods, plastics etc.). Then you can get a feel for things that you want to have and things you are comfortable sharing. I generally buy my own cutting devices to ensure sharpness (even just blades for their saws, or ask how old it is/do a test cut when ever using a machine for the first time that day), measurement devices such as squares, compases, caliper, measure-tape etc because i can make sure they are accurate and that somebody hasnt messed it up. Camera, computer. I also got my own spray gun so I know it is clean and can get used to the spray pattern instead of jumping gun to gun when they are all slightly different.

most of all. bawls/redbull/rockstar/ etc. reliable transportation to hardware stores/craft stores to go buy markers at all hours of the night, and friends who focus you instead of distract. you should start pack ratting enough as you go.

or a friend with ADD to steal adderol from

A credit card. I also second the Adderall.