what/who inspires you?

Thanks man … make checks payable to… just playing. I agree, I’ve learned from a lot of people on here.

News articles, real life observations and listening to others’ experiences. I guess that’s because my interest isn’t in design itself, but what motivates its existance.

kids…to them there are no limits to what you can do…sometimes spending time with them will just spark a great new idea mostly for toys or games…and they’ll tell you if an idea is bad right off the bat. They’ll also tell you when and idea is awesome or if something you made looks cool…My family are my best critics…cause they know I can be better and put more effort into something.

interesting…the motivation would likely depend on who/what is doing the designing; necessity, pleasure, adaptation, or even just because…

thanks for the responses, when i started this topic i was thinking of a more limited scope; i.e. specific people/things, like known (or unknown) designers (in whatever subset of design), eye candy, and such.

anybody got some of those?

#1 magazines. I probably spend thousands a year on magazines. No subsrciptions, but pick up everything from Surface to sneaker mags, fashion mags, ReadyMade, Form, Vice, and loads of small design/literature/graphics mags. Must have over 2000 magazines at the moment. Also collect flyers, catalogs and al the stuff the give out at tradeshows for reference for graphics and printing techniques.

#2. looking and shopping. Nothing does it for me more than just browsing around the town in every store from hardware shops, tech stores and fashion stores. I can get inspired in anything from a blender to belt.

#3 photos. I take photos everywhere I go of everything. Mostly for trend forecasting, but also lots of graphics, street art, architecture and people, patterns in the grass, . Probably have over 15000 pics of shoes on my computer and easily another 10Gb of other pics from all my travels.

Actually also just came across a great book about inspiration for different designers and how they keep their studio, sketchbooks, etc. Found it at the Danish Design Center yesterday while in Cophenhagen. I didnt get it because books are so expensive here in DK, but got the name and ISBN number. Ill post it up tomorrow. It was called “Inspiration”, but I cant seem to find it on Amazon.


some of you guys have it great. i’m broke so it’s the library for me.