what/who inspires you?

what or who do you look to when you are in need of a lil’ inspiration?

no one?


clever! on both counts, nonetheless…

ok, how about what is the stuff that interests or in some respect energizes the good people of this board? latest & greatest happenings in design or the world at large


Night Scuba diving and sailing. Being out, seeing new things, music. art…

Campbell brothers,inventors of the Bonzer style.

they were pioneers,they said:

“the project is not to make an endless number of surfboards, is just participating in the creative process of the evolution”

I love surfing,is my second passion after footwear,and my two surfboards my two girlfriends.

regards,i can´t surfing in the thames river jeje

for design…blogs like design sponge, authentic bordom, places like css zen garden or gigposters.com. love planet propaganda too…if you’re into animation they do some pretty nice work (http://www.punchpunks.com)

music normally, haven’t been recently…been forgetting to listen, sounds weird but many times want to listen but get side tracked an miss chance. But architecture is an area I gravitate to and communication graphics. Also daily interaction and conversation.

For somethings that inspire me daily have posted on a blog.

if anyone is interested link is below, or if people want to send me things be happy to see and post them on the site.




mind bending drugs!

I heard once and am now a firm believer that pure boredem and laziness is the master of invention…

The lazier i get, the more creative i get…

Though in saying that, these ideas that come to me at my laziest point require alot of hard work to come to life…its just not as hard as doing it without first thinking about how i can not do it… :smiley:

usually it’s just stepping back and talking with friends, maybe get some new ideas or perspectives or atleast enjoy a conversation enough to get re-eneergized.

music: listening, making, analyzing, mixing, etc.

there’s so much information so easily available on the internet…sometimes I get so caught up looking and get distracted or sidetracked, but still use it to search for various topics of interest

Hot showers work for me. I think it’s because I don’t take enough time to just stop during the day, close my eyes and think.

A good night sleep does wonders.

I often get suddenly buzzed by an idea out-of-the-blue while on vacation. The seed for the idea would have come from anywhere during normal working life, but it’s only when I try to shut off the ‘rational’ thoughts that the subliminal ideas come through and the BHAGs come out.

Coming back from vacation –like sobering up from the night before – I sometimes shrug the idea off as being fanciful or unnecessary. But occasionally it has lead to the best ideas and decisions I’ve ever made. And the moral of the story is….I need more vacation.

my family. it inspires me to live and it definitely inspires me to design. it doesnt necessacilly give me ideas for specific design ideas but it gives me the energy to look around me. to look at the world. all of the beautiful designs that have been done thus far. just look around… mother nature inspires. architects inspire, other IDer’s, music inspires me to push on, relaxing inspires me, watching movies, going to the museums… art is all around us, it just depends on how u look at it and what u want to get from it. whether u want a nice form, a cool function, or a great mentallity from it… its all there. maybe its resting in ur head somewhere, or someone already expressed it in a non passive way though it remains passive until u realize it… just look and think!

I find inspiration in many environments and activites. Mostly they come to me during tangentally related experiences: a conversation, sketching, painting, having a cup of coffee, shopping, reading a magazine etc.

Some of the places I regularly visit on the web for product inspiration:


Why does anyone would get inspiration on www.michaelditullo.com ?

Hehehe. Only joking yo. Great work you have there! :wink:

I once found inspiration from a lazy, uninspiring professors who have no business teaching. I just worked harder to wake them up.

I find alot of inspiration from you jokers and the jokers at productdesignforums.com. I should pay YO a salary, for the help he’s given me. And I can’t leave out my school chums. (HOT GLUE!!!)

Check these out.