What were your most helpful projects in school/at work?


I’m at art school graduate (not in design, unfortunately), preparing to apply to graduate schools in the next year or two. I am considering a career track change. I want to learn more about ID and give myself assignments to complete. I don’t, however, know what sorts of projects are typical of an ID program.

So I want to ask you all, what were the projects that have helped y’all the most - both technically and conceptually? What assignments do y’all wish everyone had and reaffirmed your interest in ID?


Hi Tim,

What is it that makes you want to do ID? I was lucky in that my school offered a lot of live projects so we all got a chance to work for real clients. There was a broad range of briefs from furniture to industrial. If you are looking to get onto an ID course then I would suggest picking one which has a placement year. Before you go it is probably wise to try to get some experience with CAD. You would be able to download a trial version of some software. I know Autodesk offer a lot. Also a good book showing the fundamentals of ID sketching will prob be of some help. The main help at Uni was to have a broad range of tutors who were extremely knowledgable. There are a few competitions online that may be worth entering. Designboom often run a few and Contest Watchers will keep you up-dated with what is on.

good luck