What were those shoes?

A few months ago, or possibly longer, someone was discussing high end shoes that were patterned after popular or classic shoes, or in this case converse all star’s.

Someone mentioned a company or designer that had brought to market some shoes that were remakes/remixes of the all stars, in a beige and I think a light grey leather with just a serial number on the outside of the heal. Does anyone here remember/know what I’m talking about?

My gal has been wearing the chucks for years, and I thought that if anyone deserved to graduate up to these it would be her.

you are takling about Common Projects. They are all made in italy, and sneaker-like though premium leather. about $300 i think.

There are a few other brands that do stuff like that as well, including Gourmet.




thank you much

We did them at Shellys shoes in the mid nineties as part of our Jean Paul Gaultier license - and here they are again!