What went wrong with my sketch?

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks guys,

Well, it’s a sketch, if you’ve got the idea down in any tangible form that’s sort of a success, isn’t it? Then you just try at making it look better. I’d probably end up making something worse than that since I’m just starting out and not practicing enough, so I don’t have much technical advice.

it’s not bad.

first off, your wheelbase seems to long, remember 3 wheels should fit between the front and rear, I can count 4.

second, your lines are too “dirty” put some paper over it and draw some quick, smooth lines

It came out pretty good. Watch your front ellipse you are drawing you major axis perpendicular to the ground plan which cause your wheels to fold outward. Roughly speaking your minor axis should go back to vanishing point which will tip the wheel and make it sit flush and look vertical. Also try to speed up your line work it looks like you are slowly sketching which cause waviness in your lines try to hit your lines in one pass and feather the line towards the end causing the line to look fast. You should also draw in all 4 wheels so you can make sure you start with a strong base to construct the body around. But you seem to be well on your way a couple of hundred more and you should have it down.