what was your favorite project? (graduate thesis help)

I’m working on my graduate thesis for ID which is designing a teacher’s aid for first year industrial design instruction. Part of this aid offers some project outlines and guides to help an instructor create a solid foundations studio, the bastic 2-D and 3-D abstract-type language. thanks!

If you can remember any successful projects from your first years I would appreciate the problem statements, parameters, and/or interesting solutions.

ex. Project: abstraction. choose a flavor; spicy, sweet, sour, bitter and design an object to describe this word visually. consider color, texture, proportion, craft, etc. One of the best was a mobile that described the steps your mouth goes through when tasting something sour as it spiralled upwards… first its acidic (wires and computer chips), then chaotic (wires and string), then it eventually evens out and becomes almost fruity (plastic/rubber parts transitioning from amorphic shape to square to sphere).

you might consider looking at the catalogs for various schools and see what’s there for first year foundation. also look at programs outside of ID, graphic design, engineering, painting, sculpture, etc.