What was that microphone?

Some years ago at a trade show I saw a person demonstrating a microphone used for cellphones. It just has this small extension from the ear piece that touches your neck on the side. It then will pick up vibration from your vocal cord (or perhaps your ear canal since they are all connected) and projects it as sound signal.

It used to be popular for a while then just died away. Wondering if anyone remembers and knows what it’s called. Or if you know any cooler microphone technologies out there… Thanks!

The Aliph Jawbone uses that technology. I’ve got one and am pretty happy with it. Designed by Yyves Behar.

Why are you asking that question here?

Thanks. That’s not what I saw at the trade show but does the same thing.

If you have a small microphone, try pressing it against your throat and talk. It will produce similar effect, perhaps not as sophiscated.

This is a throat microphone from IASUS. You see it being used by Navy SEALs. You wear it around your neck like a pair of headphones and the two pads touch your voicebox on either side. The clear cord earpiece (secret service style) comes up from the back and can be worn in either ear.