What wallet do you carry today?

I’m curious what types of wallets people carry, and if that’s changed much since paying by phone has picked up? I carry a very small simple card case daily, but also have a bigger zip around wallet I throw in my bag that has everything incase I ever need it.

When I’m online, I see a lot of the ridge wallet and other metal wallets but those seem uncomfortable to me to carrry.

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I’ve done as minimal as a money clip and maximal as the guy on Seinfeld, full of receipts and VIP/frequent sandwich buyer cards.
I had a prodeal with Arcteryx so was able to get a Veilance Casing Billford 78mm at a decent discount. Carries the six cards I can’t seem to reduce further, and a spot for cash. I really like it and would be really sad if ever lost, because no way would I pay MSRP now that the prodeal is gone.

I’m on my third one of these Lodis wallets. I stumbled upon it in a design shop in SF years back and it just hits the right mix of slim but functional for me.

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@slippyfish that Arcteryx one looks great. They have a shop here in Portland, I need to check that out because I’m pretty due for a new wallet…

I’m a big fan of the Bellroy products.
I can’t recall what model my day to day is but its held up to years of use.
I particularly like their travel wallet when travelling (surprise surprise) internationally.
Somehow it hits in a pants pocket easily and the little pen comes in handy now and then.

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My wallet is my iPhone (and apple watch)
I do have a physical wallet, but it’s in a drawer somewhere, I never use it.

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I custom made a leather case for my phone that holds up to 8 cards (currently at 5) and cash (currently at $30US and 400 euro - hitting the road again soon).

When I travel though the euros will be transferred to a Rahpa european man purse.


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Do you carry an ID or DL? I carried a apple wallet for a while but I have a couple too many things I need like 2 cards for entry into my office, DL and one credit card for places that don’t have apple pay.

We don’t really have to carry ID in the UK
I supposed I could leave my driving licence in the car, but in 30 years of driving, I have never had to show it.
My office pass lives in the car, but I mostly work from home now.
When in the office, I just keep my card in my pocket. We are supposed to have it visible on a lanyard, but I don’t like having things round my neck


its more than 10 years old and still in good shape

pity I can’t find them in the shops anymore… they went out of stock about 5 years ago

An old fashioned leather wallet you could have bought 30 years ago.

Makes me feel connected to ages past.

The number of “wallets” I carry with me has more than tripled in the last 5 years. I do carry a pocketed thin leather checkbook style wallet I bought at a night market in Seoul for a few 1000 won. It protects my phone and holds cards, currencies, receipts etc but it is the number of wallets on my phone that have increased the most. Stock trading wallet, crypto trading wallets, crypto cold storage wallet and cash flow management “wallets” dominate my organization of financial transactions and tracking for personal and business, taxes and investing.

This is a screen grab of my stock wallet