What type of clay do I use?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what type of clay should I use to make a car model?

Thanks in advance!

Not a dumb question at all Dave.

The Real Deal … Chavant styling clay. It can be a problem if you intend to take fiberglass, or urethane, molds off of it; in which case you might want to use their Non-Sulphurated Plasteline (NSP).

It will also require that you set up some sort of “hot box” to keep the material hot enough (but not too hot) to apply.


Oh, thank you!

How do you harden Chavant? A kiln?
The hot box is for the clay, correct? What do you apply the clay to?

Which type do you suggest? CM-50?

Thanks again. Sorry about all my questions…

It’s modeling clay its not intended to be a finish product. Like Lmo said you generally make a RTV mold off of the clay model and cast a finish part. The Chavant is a plasticine oil/wax based clay that you have to warm up before modeling (heat gun). You do not fire modeling clay heat makes it melt. One of the benefits of oil/wax based clay is it can be altered and reused at any time. The hardness of the clay is selected based on detail; use medium hardness to start. You build your model off an armature base to add support and to limit the clay needed to model your part. Do a couple google searches maybe YouTube you know the drill.

Dave, I found this interesting website while looking for an image of an “armature”.

Cool stuff. I learned it from co-workers over the years, but this website does a great job of explaining it. This website covers a lot more than just the physical clay work; sculpting tools, measuring tools, drawing, etc.

This is the “index” page. I’d suggest you go to their “home” page and start there. In particular check out “Armature Build” pages. In addition go over the Chavant Tool section. You’ve already got the interest, this site should anser a bunch of your how-do-I “detail” questions.

Perfect! Thanks so much.

Here is a link to the clay modeling section on car design new forum. http://forums.cardesignnews.com/eve/forums/a/frm/f/31060927
It can be a good resource. I’m going to be modeling a remote control helicopter fuselage soon, when I find the time. I’ll try to post some picture of the process.
Have fun modeling.