What Trainers to buy?

I am on the market for a solid Trainer and I figured this would be a good place to ask for opinions/suggestions.

I want a shoe that I can use on soft+hard ground for running (sprints), agility drills, and circuits, but still provides ample support (arch and ankle)

I have looked into the Nike Trainer 1.2’s (Mid +Low), Nike Free’s, and some various UA shoes but I am not really sold on any yet.

Perhaps those are a bit mainstream?

Any suggestions on a great performing trainer?

I’m running a couple of different pairs of the Nike Lunars right now as well as a pair of retro Air Max 90’s. Also been thinking of picking up a pair of NB 1400’s I like wearing retro’s to the gym.


Any experience with the Free Trainers by chance? So far they are a top contended.

I wish they still made the old school Prestos

Yep, had lots of Frees, love them, very comfortable. the draw baks are that the soft foam (which makes them comfortable) breaks down quickly, and the lack of rubber (which makes them lighter and more flexible) wears the bottom down quickly. I can kill a pair of frees in 2-3 weeks of daily use. The Lunars hold up a bit longer because the NASA developed foam is super light and soft, but doesn’t break down as fast, and they have more of a full rubber outsole. Not quite as flexible, but close.

Adidas is also making a line that riffs off of the Frees, I haven’t tried them yet, but they are super nice, and a couple of my friends love them.

Awesome thanks for the insight. I may look into the Adidas ones a bit more as well as the Lunars.

Ideally though most of the running would be done in the grass or a soft surface since I have garbage knees

Ended up picking up the Free Winter Trainers (Black/Shadow/Volt) love themm so far.

Thanks for the input Yo

No problem. Hard to beat Frees…