what to wear

First of all teachers don’t make that much money. Some are spending it on their kids clothes, education etc. As you get older you may not buy everyday cloths as often… not as concerned with having the right ‘look’ every years. I’m sure these instructors rather buy things for their home, books, travel. Its all about choices and you can’t have everything.

No, no-- Polo shirts and khakis are for jrkoffs. The crisp suit is fine.

There is no rule of thumb for how to dress-- it all depends on the company culture. I say scope out the firm first. Casual vs. formal, corporate vs. consulting, design-centric vs. engineering-centric… all this stuff defines a company culture. Once you get an idea of the office environemnt-- kick your clothing up a notch-- always overdress slightly.

doesnt matter. if you’re good; you’re good. i once wore jeans and tshirt to an interview. still got the job and made $65,000/yr. just like if a girl is hot she’ll be hot whether she’s wearing business suit, PJs, or bluejeans/tshirt.

Not always. In some places your right, they won’t care but if they sense you have attitude by not showing respect they will not hire you no matter how hot you are. A big ego can destroy moral and sinergy in an office

Okay, you’re right, if you’re hired, and you’re both the youngest staff member and the best dressed, then people aren’t going to appreciate it… Unless you really pull off the look and it doesn’t come across as “wrong.”

Plus the model shop is the best reason for IDers to wear streetclothes.

Just don’t be caught in a situation where you’re tragically underdressed for say, an impromptu client visit or presentation. (More likely, in that case you wouldn’t be invited anyway.)

is it considered taboo to ask a potential employer what to wear to an interview before hand?

Its not taboo but can make you sound inexperienced, naïve, lacking confidence in making decisions.

Not at all, HR is used to answering the question, and sometimes even put it in your interview agenda for you.

But honestly, everywhere is “office casual” these days.

Here’s an easy cheat sheet for you:

Executives: Nordstrom
Workers: Gap
Marketing: Banana Republic
Designer A: Kenneth Cole
Designer B: Diesel
Designer C: Thrift store

Nice list cg!