what to wear


what do you think is an appropriate attire for interviews? specifically for senior design positions? i’ve been wearing suits, and those interviews have been successful. but it seems like those who usually interview me are pretty informal in their attire, ie, shorts and hawaiian shirts, regardless of whether i’m being interviewed by a huge corporation or a small company. personally, the suits have been working, but i just wanted to know if there would be a less formal alternative, specifically female attire, without looking too casual.

thanks in advance for the replies.

I haven’t worn a suit to an interview since the late '80’s I do wear a jacket but never a suit. Yes I am female.

If the suit is working for you then keep doing it.

thanks for the response.

what do you mean by jacket?

Like a blazer.

there’s a thread here not too long ago that “debated” this at lengths…do a search within this forum

but i personally would wear a suit as well as see pple coming in to interview in a suit too

I feel like a total idiot every time I think of this but here’s my story…

Right out of college I interviewd for almost a year. I wondered why I wasn’t getting my dream job. I did some freelance stuff while working a day job and playing in my band that was on the verge of getting signed. Yes, we played good ol’ Ministry-type industrial music and at that time I fit right in with my 2 foot mohawk and earings -n- stuff. …uahh?
I got a hair cut, got rid of the earings, bought a new suit & Tie & I got a way cool job. A few years later my wife started working at the Merchandise Mart and it’s common to swap merchandise after trunk shows-n-stuff with other buisiness. She brought me home a couple Armani Suites and a sweet overcoat. When I started interviewing again a few years later I’d get the 2nd interview every time (this sucked because all my vacation time got eaten up. I had 3 offers in 3 months from companies I picked out and now I rule the World!

You rule the world as a POP Designer from Chicago? ;D

LOL! Of course that is an exaggeration … it was just kind of a nice thing to go through.

so is it ok for guys to wear a blazer and nuice pants and tie?

i’d feel like a total jrkoff wearing a full crisp suit with hair slicked back and cuff links to see everyone else in polo shirts and khakis.

what about khakis?

The point is not to feel cool but to impress people with your professionalism. for all that the employees and owners of an organisation may wear khakhis or short or whatever, you, as the interviewee, have to put your best foot forward. they know and you should know, that once you’re an employee, you can wear what you like but an interview is a professional exercise.

always dress up for it, not dress down. err on the side of formality. you can’t go wrong. you don’t know how the other guy’s mind works and dressing down means a risk you cannot afford to take if you’re really serious about getting the job.

full suit
sports coat and nice pants?

(i have the latter not the former. interviews all next week)

what size firm is it? have you had a chance to talk to anyone there? or a contact? I’d say suit but if you don’t have it, you are going to have to go with the sport coat aren’t you? that’s why it’d help if you could get a chance to touch base with someone there to ask them what they think.

worst case scenario, wear your sport coat, nice pants all spiffed up and shiny clean :slight_smile: good luck

i’m lucky mine’s on the phone tomorrow with the ceo of a design firm in nyc

Cool blazers are in for designers. French cuff’s are too. But wear cool jeans to dress it down. You only need to feel like a jrkoff if you’ve got a tie on. You could go the Ashton-way with a loose tie around a tshirt.

o man… that does sound nice but isnt there always a chance you’ll come off as a pretentious desginy jrkoff?

french cuffs and loosened tie and all… for an interview.

or a tuxedo print t shirt


yes, I can see that as appropriate for someone in your position being invited to interview with a significant amount of professional work experience and reputation in the field but I would question it’s appropriateness for fresh graduates


look man, i have been on an interview before so i can tell you from experience what you are gonna want to do.

Your gonna want:
To bleach your hair and make it all crazy messy

then you are going to need a shirt reminiscent of the ones worn in the bobby mcfarren music video for don’t worry be happy

Now on the pants you should probably go with standard gray or grey which ever you prefer dress slacks (you want to show some level of professionalism)

Shoes (these complete the outfit) you can’t fail with good old checker print vans.

that’s it
follow these rules and you’re in there for sure

i hear thick black framed glasses are a must for design jobs.

true or false?


You obviously know what’s up

Ive always thought that designers who know how to make something look pretty on paper are also able to make themselves look “pretty” through clothes.

Being in college still, and seeing some of my teachers dress the way they do, makes me wonder, but i know to never judge them by their clothes.

If I had it my way, I would wear proper fitting jeans, slightly tapered at the knee, dress pinstriped shirt, black dress shoes, and a dark blazer over top. And yes, I do have think glasses.